CGZ is the next evolution of card grading services, utilizing a unique combination of human expertise and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning scanning software.

FGS a Different Type of Grading Service are you ready for the Revolution?

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Welcome to the first FGS blog!

Thanks to all the current and new members that are joining our platform daily. If you are a new visitor please sign up at the registration link .We appreciate your interest in the FGS grading service. We have a list of new and revolutionary updates coming to the service and software in the coming weeks and months. One of those updates will be a limited amount of members/memberships for 2021. We will cap our service membership at 3K members. This will help us with card population control, quicker turnaround times, and increase your sports card values (non-sports cards are welcome too). We will periodically increase membership with new member invites.

Regarding the software, we plan to do the following:

1. Add card price values after scans
2. Autograph authentication after the scan
3. Counterfeit identification scans
4. Sealed wax alert (Blasters, Megas, and Cellos, etc)

I’m really excited about the sealed wax service we plan to offer because that allows our members to buy sealed wax from us or our partners at a heavily discounted cost. In some cases we can do 50% off if we reach 3K members this year. You must be a member to get these discounts and get 1 card encapsulated a year. FGS will serve as a grading service and walk-in store at our new location coming soon. So we can pass some of those savings & benefits onto our members when possible.

FGS Rewards & Benefits

There is no monthly fee to join FGS website. Each member will get 3 FREE A.I. FGS scans a month. See a sample scan on the FGS Scan Tips link. We will also keep our monthly membership submissions around 5 to 10 cards per person. When you grade with our service it will help with server costs, new development costs, and faster customer service support. Currently we have a $25 reservation promotion for August and balance is due once we grade your cards. The total amount due will be $110.

This will get you 6 cards graded, 15 to 25 day turnaround 1 to 3 day shipping and chance to score a limited edition gold FGS slab for their card numbered 1 to 99 with the first submissions for late August/September 2021. These gold slabs will be randomly submitted into orders. We will update the submit card tab soon so don’t worry you will have a chance to submit cards. We need 300 more card submission orders for August.

Spread the Word

So invite friends and share our website on social media or with your favorite bloggers. We plan to do monthly contests and referral reward programs that will reward our members for inviting new members to the service. In closing, I hope FGS can be your #1 place to get cards graded, get the latest card pricing, get discounted sealed wax, and access valuable card data. If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach us at Once again thank you for your support and let’s change how cards are graded and have an amazing time in the process.