About Us

About CGZ Grading

The CGZ software was developed and created by Derrick Samuels, a 20-year tech entrepreneur, card collector, and former U.S. Marine. This innovative software employs cutting-edge AI and deep learning technology to capture and scan trading cards through a simple phone photo. Notably, CGZ stands out as the first grading service to leverage the AI Sports Bot Assistant, designed to assist collectors in tracking, reviewing, and grading their cards. 

Here’s how it works: when a card is scanned, its dimensions are promptly uploaded into our system. The CGZ software then meticulously examines the card for imperfections such as scratches, centering issues, and print flaws, ultimately assigning a final grade. This assessment is facilitated by the application of machine learning and image detection technology, ensuring the most accurate grade and analysis for your raw cards with real-time reviews. 

With each scan, our system continuously learns, stores, and updates its database, enhancing its capabilities for future reviews. Derrick Samuels envisions that CGZ technology will revolutionize the card grading process, enabling collectors to maximize the value of their cards. He states, “We believe CGZ technology will redefine the card grading process and assist collectors in realizing the full potential value of their cards.”