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Card Gemz Fulfillment Policy & Service Terms

1. At this time, Card Gemz Services (also CGZ Cards ) only accept and grades most licensed cards up to 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. We only grade “pack pulled” licensed autographs. We can accommodate 130 Point Thickness relic or patch cards with our Snap & Lock slabs.

2. When Card Gemz receives the customer’s shipment of goods, the customer will get an email with an Order Number, and estimated return date.

3. When a customer prepay from website please circle the area on the order form that you prepaid and have the correct full name, address and amount you paid on the order form.

4. You can skip the prepay and send the form in with the proper information. For this current Card Gemz site we will use Paypal until our new website is completed. So provide a correct email and Paypal info.

5. You will be notified by email when your package has shipped. We use the USPS. The email will have your tracking info but please wait 48 hours to allow the USPS system to update your tracking.

6. Please note, the processing of your order is based on BUSINESS DAYS and does not include weekends and Federal holidays.

7. Make sure your return address is correct. This is the address we will return your cards. If you have a change of address before your cards ship please contact us at Order@CGZCards.com.

8. If you wish to cancel your order you must do it before you get your email notification alert. The customer can cancel the order by notifying Card Gemz by email, Hello@CGZCards.com prior to our company receiving your shipment of goods. 

9. Ship cards to:

Card Gemz

P.O. Box 10235

Oxford, Al 36203-2440

 10. Our standard service estimated time is 5 to 21 business days but in most cases we deliver within 2 weeks depending on orders in our queue. At the moment we are only taking in 5 cards per order unless you have a $99 membership account.

 11. Currently we use a mix of traditional machine encapsulation and snap and lock slabs for orders. We will make to snap and lock slabs in the future to cut down on cost and time. Once we move to snap and lock slabs full time you may see a reduction in submission cost. On your order form you can select “Traditional Encapsulation” or “Snap and Lock Encapsulation”. If no choice is selected we will use the best solution to get the order out as soon as possible.

 12. Grading requires making personal, subjective assessments that call for the use of expert judgment, which can occasionally vary. As a result, Card Gemz disclaims all warranties and representations and will not be liable to the customer in any way for the grade it gives any item. After the object starts going through the authentication and/or grading procedure, the amount paid to Card Gemz is NON-REFUNDABLE.

13.  Card Gemz is only available to the United States at this time. Once the service reach certain milestones we will open up more markets.

14. Card Gemz uses a mixture of human and Artificial Intelligence for card grading. Human graders will have the last decision on grades.

15. Please be aware we have 3 platforms under the Card Gemz service. For personal customer cards you need graded visit CGZCards.com , for our presale inventory cards visit our Etsy shop at CardGemz.Etsy.com and to purchase graded cards, singles and other services we offer visit CardGemz.com .

16. List all cards you are submitting with player name, year, sport, card manufacturer and card number, and your declared value. You may use additional forms to list more cards, but please choose only one service level per submission form.