CGZ is the next evolution of card grading services, utilizing a unique combination of human expertise and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning scanning software.

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Welcome to the new FGS blog for December 2021! We wanted to share a quick update. We’re still working on our MX server issues. The MX server allows us to send out emails and verification for new FGS accounts. We’re working to get the verification system fixed and working as soon as possible. Next, we’re still waiting on the patent for our new Lock & Snap slabs. Once the FGS slab patent is approved and the final test on the encapsulation process is successful we’ll start accepting new cards for submission.

Regarding the software, we plan to do the following:
1. Add card price values after scans
2. Autograph authentication after the scan
3. Counterfeit identification scans
4. Sealed wax alert (Blasters, Megas, and Cellos, etc)

If you have any questions on existing orders please contact us at