Card Gemz Fulfillment

Scan Tips & Services

Here are a few FGS Scan tips to get the best results for your cards:

  1. When you scan your card please use the best image for the front and back of your card. 
  2. On cards with white edges and borders use a solid black or dark surface. If the card is gloss or chrome use a white sheet of paper or white surface for best results.
  3. Take an overhead photo of the card but not too close. 
  4. The FGS software AI is looking for centering, surface, and other minor flaws. It will look at the corners and edges but not in much detail. We’re still working to improve this aspect of the software. 
  5. Our system can distinguish between a real card and a non-card. So try to select the correct image to scan so you will not lose a scan credit. 
  6. If you feel the grade is off and you wish for us to override the FGS A.I. grade you must send the card in for encapsulation (Encapsulations starts in August 2021). See fees for encapsulation and shipping. We will review the card and make the final decision. 
  7. Earn FGS grade rewards to earn free graded card service. If your card scan as an FGS 10 Pristine Perfect + (plus ) and we verify it upon human review you earn an FGS credit toward free card grades. You need 50 credits to get (1) FREE card encapsulated graded. This will start in August 2021.
  8. The FGS scan tool is reliable and we’re improving it and it is improving itself daily with deep learning. FREE ACCOUNT: Each new FGS account comes with 3 FREE scans per month . No credit card needed.